Monday, September 10, 2012

TITLE: At the rate we're going...

COPY:  President Obama has asked for four more years to, in his words, "complete the job".  Well, at the rate he's going, what will mean to you?

Almost 15 more million unemployed Americans will have gotten so discouraged that they don't even bother looking for work... Over 500,000 young Americans who have graduated from college will be unable to find a job... Gas prices will be at $6 a gallon... Health insurance will cost 75% more than it does today... More people going on disability than finding jobs... A national debt $6 TRILLION higher than it is today... Our allies under threat from a nuclear Iran... And a President who has played over 200 rounds of golf.

This is not the change we were hoping for... We can do better... We must do better...

* The numbers are admittedly roundish, I leave it to the data nerds to sort it out.