Friday, June 15, 2012

Romney and the GOP don't need - and shouldn't - try to debate the merits of the policy, nor of the arrogant way in which Obama went about it.

Rather, the best - and only - response ought to make to Obama's granting amnesty to a whole slew of illegal immigrants is to shake his head in disbelief. that with the economy in as bad shape as it is, that Obama is devoting his time to an issue that will not lead to a single job being created.

While the swing voters who support is crucial are somewhat split on the issue of immigration reform, one thing they're pretty united in is their feeling that fixing the economy ought to be job #1 for both the President and Congress. 

And they're not going to respond favorably when they see Obama taking time away from the economy* to instead spend it on an issue that doesn't matter as much to them.

That's the plan Romney ought to follow.  Let's see if he and his advisers are smart enough to do so.

* the irony is that Obama doesn't have an economic plan, so that he really isn't taking any time from it.... but he'll still rub people the wrong way by spending time on something that is less important to them.