Monday, January 02, 2012

With the EEOC wanting to declare that an employer can't require job applicants to have even a high school diploma*, would anyone dispute labeling the Obama Administration as one of the most hostile anti-business Adminstrations ever?

Technically, the EEOC is only warning employers against not hiring an applicant whose lack of a high school diploma is the result of the applicant being disabled... but how many employers, when scanning the applications, bother to ask the reason why an applicant doesn't have a high school diploma? Does an employer now have to ask why someone doesn't have a high school diploma - and ensure that it is for the 'right' reason - before the employer can reject the applicant for not having a high school diploma?

And if an employer can't require applicants to have high school diplomas, how can employers insist applicants have college degrees? After all, one never knows if the reason someone didn't graduate from college was because they had a disability of some kind, right?