Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's common sense you can't solve a problem unless you've first correctly identified the problem.

Let me tell you that low taxes is not the biggest problem facing America. It's not even in the top ten.

Low taxes are not the reason millions of people have lost their jobs over the past three years. It is not the reason that your homes are worth less today than when President Obama took office. It is not the reason gas prices have gone up 83% over the past three years. Low taxes are not the reason the costs of health care have gone up faster than your paychecks.

And because President Obama doesn't understand the problem, his solution - raising taxes - won't help.

Raising taxes won't make businesses any more eager to hire new employees or to expand operations. Raising taxes won't make a single entrepreneur start a new business. Raising taxes won't make your jobs any more secure. Raising taxes won't make American made products more competitive in overseas markets. Raising taxes won't get rid of any of the hundreds of regulations that choke off innovation and growth. Raising taxes won't stop a government from wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on bailouts and on handout after handout to the President's campaign contributors.

We need a President who knows that low taxes are not the problem. We need a President who isn't in over his head, who isn't so wrong on not only this but so many other issues. We need a President who understands the real issues that are keeping this country from growing. We need someone who isn't so infatuated with the radical - and failed - policies of the 1960s that he can't see that this country has never succeeded having a President who tries to divide the country. We need a President who wants to focus on growing the pie for everybody, and not a President who just wants to complain that some slices aren't as big as others.

We need a President who isn't Barack Obama.