Monday, January 23, 2012

If the Romney campaign was to ask...

Gingrich is moving up because voters think he's the real deal... the conservative theorist who has the tactical skills to take on both the Democrats and the media... in other words, he is who we've (allegedly) been waiting for.

How can voters not respond to the (GOP) messiah?

Romney shouldn't try to take Gingrich on the issues. Nor should Romney try to 'outdebate' Gingrich.

Rather, Romney needs to pursue the charge that Gingrich is.... wait for it.... a phony.

As odd as it might be for Romney to go after somebody on this issue, as it would seem to be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, but he needs to do so.

Voters don't like to feel that they're being played. Romney has taken a hit from voters who think he's a phony due to his (allegedly) switching positions on a number of issues.

But that doesn't mean that Romney (or, preferably, his surrogates) can't hammer Gingrich on the same there.

Is Gingrich the guy who takes on the media? Or the guy who's chummy with them?

Is he the conservative? Or the guy who pals around with Pelosi touting government intervention to address global warming?

Is he the outsider? Or the guy who parlayed his Washington connections into multi-million dollar 'consulting' contracts?

The conservative leader? Or the guy who's alienated pretty much all of his colleagues over the years?

The tactical genius? Or the guy who was outmanuevered by Clinton?

The calm leader of this country? Or a guy who's easily offended and apt to fly off the fuse?

This is the approach Romney needs to take. Make the voters wonder just which Gingrich they're getting.