Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I have two questions about Obama abusing the recess appointment power to appoint new members at the NLRB and CFPB...

1) How will the Senate Democrats react? Will they choose to act as Senators, concerned with protecting the power of their chamber, and join in protest (and possible litigation) against Obama's action? Even if they approve of the appointees themselves, they ought to be upset at the way Obama has proceeded. Or will they choose to be Democrats, concerned only with what helps Obama? UPDATE: It didn't take long, Reid has no problem with Obama's actions.

2) How will the Republicans in Congress react? Will they (as they've done so many times before) simply resort to complaining about Obama? Will they sit and stew, hoping that whomever the GOP nominee is wins in November?

Or will they finally deal with Obama as he needs to be dealt with? Will they respond with a power move of their own, for example, withholding funding from both of these agencies in upcoming appropriations battles? And will they hold in the face of Democratic complaining?

Like Iran and countless other despots, Obama is doing what he does because he knows the opposition doesn't have the stomach for really taking him on. He knows (from the oh-so-many times it has happened before) that the GOP won't do anything of substance.

Given this, why should we expect anything else from Obama? Just as Iran won't give up its quest for nuclear weapons until it gets its nose bloodied, Obama won't stop until the GOP rises up in solid opposition to make him pay the price for his aggression.

Bullies are bullies. They keep going until someone rises up to (figuratively) smack them in the face.