Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here's an idea that you can use to help some nice conservative bloggers make some money...

Google has a program where they place ads on different websites (saving the website owner the hassle of running their own ad placement program) and pay the website owner some amount of money when visitors click on the links. It's usually not a lot of money per click, but paraphrasing the expression, a few million clicks here, a few million clicks there and pretty soon we're talking really money.

Now, for some strange reason, part of which I'll explain in a bit, Google's computing wizardry has decided to place ads from liberal outfits on conservative and conservative leaning websites. For example, I've seen ads for Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren on, if I remember correctly, National Review Online. I've seen ads for anti-(Wisconsin Republican Governor) Scott Walker ads on others. And so on.

Now you might think that a conservative leaning visitor to a conservative leaning website would have no interest in clicking on an ad promoting some liberal politician or liberal cause, right? That placing the ad on these sites is a waste, right?

Wrong. Google pays a bit of money to the web owner for each of those clicks. A conservative clicking on those ads helps take money out of the pocket of the liberal advertiser and helps put it into the pocket of the conservative who runs the site.

It's a win-win. We win with every dime and quarter and dollar that the liberals have to cough up to Google... and we win with every dime and quarter and dollar that Google pays to the conservative site owners.

While Google's exact methodology for placing ads is top secret and known only to a handful of geeks with multiple doctorates, what is known is that Google takes 'clicks' into account. The more clicks an ad receives, the more likely it will get additional exposure (not only on that site but on others that Google deems similar').

And the beauty is that Google really doesn't know (or cares) who is doing the clicking. To Google, a click is a click is a click, whether it is coming from a Newt Gingrich fan or someone who for some unfathomable reason actually buys into the liberal schtick. While Google does provide some tracking for what they call conversions (which is people doing more than just clicking, for example, providing an email address to the advertiser), a lot of advertisers don't utilize this tool effectively if at all... they look at clicks.

So click away fellow conservatives. You're doing good.