Monday, January 09, 2012

ALL of the discussion that is going on regarding Romney's time at Bain is irrelevant.

The question is NOT whether Bain was a net creator of jobs... or whether he made a bunch of money while some people lost their jobs.

I'm not looking, nor should any other self-respecting conservative, for the President to 'create' jobs. For one thing, this plays into the myth of government as a creator of jobs. Second, it is used to justify the President playing favorites in doling out tax money to his cronies and contributors.

Rather, I'm looking for a President who will create an environment in which businesses and entrepreneurs are willing and able to hire and expand their businesses. A President who understands the negative effects taxe hikes and regulations have on job creators and job creation. A President who knows that criticizing businesses isn't condusive to those businesses going out and increasing their work force. A President who understands that positions in his Administration shouldn't go to people who have a gutteral reaction to business and who seek to cripple the very businesses under their review.

Granted, as someone who actually worked for a living, Romney is in a better position to understand that than our current President... but that isn't the discussion we're having.

Romney needs to shift the focus from the specifics of his time at Bain to how he would use his experiences at Bain to help create a better environment for businesses... as opposed to Obama's demonizing of businesses to the point where we're sitting on our cash.

With a notable exception, I don't believe Obama can point to a single instance of his Administration improving the business climate (the exception being his funnelling billions of dollars to the ill-fated green initiatives). Not only that, an aggressive challenger could point to instance after instance where Obama has made it tougher on busineses.

Of course, Obama tries to paint this as a positive, that his regulations are there to protect the little guy from the big evil corporations. And maybe they have benefitted some number of people... but in doing so, they have hurt everybody else.

That is the debate to have... and with its typical shortsightedness, the GOP isn't having it.