Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Someone who claims to have been molested by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky is suing Sandusky and claims he is doing so, according to the article, "because he doesn't want other kids to be abused".

An admirable thought, indeed. But... this particular string of abuse ended way back in 1996.... FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!

If he didn't want other kids to be molested by Sandusky, one might think that he could have called the police... sometime during the past FIFTEEN YEARS!

If he didn't want other kids to be molested and thought suing Sandusky was the way to keep him from doing so, then one might think that he would have sued Sandusky... sometime during the past FIFTEEN YEARS!

What a crock.

Suing Sandusky now does nothing to keep Sandusky from molesting any other kids... it was pretty much a given that once Sandusky was arrrested he wasn't going to be molesting anybody else.

And suing Sandusky does absolutely nothing to keep any other kids from being molested by any of the other creeps still out there. These a******s don't worry about getting sued. Jeez, they probably don't worry enough about being caught and prosecuted... so why would they worry about getting sued? Can you imagine any of them thinking to themselves 'hey, I better stop molesting little boys because I don't want to get sued'? Me neither.

This.... in my humble opinion... is nothing more than an attempt to cash in. Even stipulating that the plaintiff was in fact molested, he had years and years in which to do something. Waiting 15 years is too long.