Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Why I'm not impressed with or worried about the Occupy Wall Street crowd, even if their numbers are growing...

It takes a critical mass of people to effect change in America... and there's nothing to suggest that, despite their claim to speak for the 99%, they represent anything more than a odd fringe. (Unlike the Tea Party, which had support far beyond the relative few who attended a protest, there's not a lot of support for these protests beyond the people who are already protesting).

Nor are these protests going to attract others to their cause... no one who isn't already a member of or supportive of the odd fringe is going to become a supporter.

Nor are these protests creating such havoc that they can force the public to cave in to their demands. Sure, some workers can't eat lunch in the park that has been taken over, but other than that, these protests have absolutely no impact on just about anybody else.