Thursday, October 27, 2011

Every day I think that I ought to write something witty and insightful about the silliness of the Occupy Wall Street movement(s)... and yet I don't, as these protestors have so little going on upstairs that mocking them would be quite unsporting.

It seems like I'm watching a twist of 'This is Spinal Tap' or an episode of South Park, in which the screenwriters do a masterful job of depicting just how utterly clueless the central characters are.

Freeloaders complaining about other freeloaders eating the good food. Protesters who don't like private property rights complaining when someone steals their stuff. Complaining about the police yet complaining when there is a breakdown of order. Anti-corporatists taking handouts from corporations, handouts made possible only because those corporations make profits. Kids who majored in subjects that have no place in the real world finding out that the real world doesn't feel like employing them. Aging hippies calling for communism, yet complaining when they think others aren't putting in the same effort.

How can anyone who has more than empty air between their ears not laugh at these people? They're textboook examples of people who know everything and yet nothing. They spout their various slogans without having the slightest bit of comprehension what it is that they're chanting about.

And yet as much as I chuckle at them, what I really do is feel sorry for them. Sorry that they're so pathetic. Sorry that their parents indulged them as they did, not clueing them in to the realities of life. Sorry that their teachers let them proceed through years of school without insisting that they learn something that is of use to the real world. Sorry that the schools they went to took their tens of thousands of tuition dollars and didn't give them anything of value in return. Sorry that (liberal) politicians sold them a bill of goods, the line that prosperity is possible if only they could just extract their fair share from the 1%.

It's sad.