Sunday, September 11, 2011

Originally posted as a comment at Powerline

I think a good part of what George Will alludes to is attributable to people elevating in importance what happens to them and in their lives over that which happened earlier. Nirvana one of the greatest rock bands? Tarantino one of the greatest directors? Last year's Green Bay Packers one of the greatest football teams? Derek Jeter (who I like) one of the top shortstops in the history of baseball? No, no, no and no.

And 9/11 bigger than Pearl Harbor? Heck, there were probably a dozen battles in WWII alone in which the US suffered more casualties. The war on terror more of an impact on our lives than WWII? Not even close. Taking off our shoes to get on an airplane is an annoyance, but it pales to doing what society did without during WWII.

Sure, let's remember 9/11, but in context. It was a sad day. Unfortunately, just one of many this country has had in its lifetime. Historians in fifty years may not even rank it in the top (bottom?) five.