Thursday, September 29, 2011

It is neither surprising nor a scandal that loan guarantees are going to solar firms that are connected in one way or another to the Democrats...

After all, given that the entire industry is built on the liberal delusion that alternatives to dirty energy are just around the corner and there is not now and likely never will be a business model that has these alternative energy firms making a profit, is it any surprise that conservatives - and their money - would be avoiding this industry like the plague?

For all the liberal talk about their being the 'reality based community', it is the conservatives who recognize the reality is that there is no there there when it comes to alternative energy companies.

So... if government liberals who control the purse strings are going to be giving money to companies in this sector, just as night follows day, the recipients of this money are going to be companies whose founders and executives have the same faith in alternative energy as do the Democrats... and these people are going to be among those contributing to Democratic candidates. Not because they're looking for handouts, per se, but because liberals with money contribute to liberals running for office.

That's not a scandal... just a fact of life.