Friday, September 09, 2011

I think the GOP is making a mistake in opposing Obama's 'jobs bill' on fiscal grounds, rather than on the basis that it won't do what the country needs...

Yes, one of the last things that the country needs right now is another $500 billion of government spending.

But the bigger reason to oppose Obama is that none of what he is proposing will do anything to restore our nation's confidence. In fact, given that he just can't stop trying to raise taxes, he is actually perpetuating the climate of fear he has created among the most productive sectors of the economy.

All Obama has done is trot out more of the same type of stuff that hasn't worked before. Why should anyone (except, of course, for the most delusional of what remains of Obama's core) believe more of the same will do anything different?

Football teams that enter the season with the same roster as they ended the prior year aren't expected to post four win improvements. If a team wants to improve its record, then it has to do something different.

The same holds for the economy. If you spend a trillion dollars and you don't get the economy going, that is pretty good evidence that spending a truckload of money isn't what the economy is looking for right now.

The GOP needs to challenge Obama on the substance (or, more correctly, the lack of substance) of his proposals. They need to put forth their own proposals for getting the economy growing again.