Monday, August 15, 2011

Politico thinks Obama has a 'vision' problem...

I, on the other hand, think he's perfectly clear on what he wants to do. His problem is that the path he is on won't get him where he wants to go... and he is too blinded to realize that this is the case.

Someone (I don't remember who) once wrote something to the effect that 'Democrats love to demonize businesses... failing to realize that businesses who are demonized are unlikely to increase hiring'.

A twist on that adage is that when you ridicule and scare conservatives, those conservatives aren't going to respond by increasing or even maintaining their current level of consumer spending and business hiring. And this is especially a problem when conservatives make up a good chunk of the people who have money to spend and invest.

Obama (as with pretty much every liberal Democrat) grew up thinking that successful people only got to where they are because they screwed the little guy. And as such, government needed not only needed to protect the little guy by putting all sorts of restrictions on business but also to punish greedy businesses and high income people with high tax rates on the income they obviously didn't deserve to keep.

If you look at what Obama has done since he took office, pretty much everything has been in line with this thinking. He's signed laws that restrict businesses, laws that force them to spend more on their employees, laws that made it easier for employees to sue their employers. From Day One, he's threatened to raise taxes on anyone who makes a smidgen more than an average living. His stimulus put hundreds of billions of dollars in the hands of (trustworthy) government workers instead of the (evil, corrupt and greedy) private sector. He's added tens of thousands of government workers and tasked them with regulating the private sector even more strongly.

And to his surprise (but not mine), the economy (i.e., those with money and ideas) aren't putting their heads and money to work growing the economy.

Now, if Obama wasn't such an ideologue, he'd co-opt some GOP policy positions. He'd make a nice speech about how the lousy economy persuaded him that he needed to include some ideas from the other side. He'd call a truce on trying to portray businesses and successful people as somehow unworthy of keeping the fruit of their success. In other words, he'd be nice to the people who he needs.

But he is an ideologue... so he won't. And as long as he won't, it would be foolish to think that conservatives are going to do anything to help him out.