Monday, August 08, 2011

Much has been made lately about how liberals don't really think that highly of their fellow Americans.

But it isn't as if we (royal 'we') haven't given them ammunition to think so little of us... I cite as Exhibit 1 the more than 50% of voters in 2008 who voted for Obama. And the 60% of the public who gave Obama high approval ratings earlier in his Presidency. And the more than 50% in several key states who still approve of the job he's doing as President.

If all this isn't evidence of some serious lack of candlepower, what is?

But, while that may be the case, it is nonetheless rather inconsistent of the liberals. They were okay with a stupid populace when the public voted for Obama and for the Democrats to take control of Congress... but not okay with the same stupid public when we decided we no longer liked the path Obama was leading us down.