Monday, August 08, 2011

Michael Moore is calling for Obama to arrest the CEO of S&P (presumably, for having issued the downgrade)...

Moore doesn't specify the crime the CEO is supposed to have broken.

At its heart, the downgrade is an opinion of S&P that the United States doesn't have its act together. Right or wrong, it is an opinion, and opinions are supposed to be protected speech. Aren't they?

It would seem that having a different opinion than Moore is sufficient grounds for arrest. I wonder if I am also subject to arrest given that I not only agree with S&P, but my opinion that Michael Moore is a complete clown has got to be a bit different of what Michael Moore thinks of Michael Moore.

Nice to see liberals standing up for our right to say what's on our mind. That's right, they do.... but only when it agrees with what they're thinking.

And by the way, did anyone else hear (liberal) Cokie Roberts refer to the United States Constitution as being 'the problem'?


And to further illustrate his stupidity, Michael Moore thinks Matt Damon would be a 'viable' candidate for President. Then again, who would have figured that someone with as weak a resume as Obama would have been elected President?