Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Instead of complaining that liberals are calling conservatives 'terrorists', may I suggest we use that to our advantage?

While we aren't always faithful to the maxim, it is conservatives who don't like negotiating with terrorists.... while liberals have no problem giving in to the terrorists' demands.

So it would seem that having the liberals think of us as terrorists can get us a good chunk of what we want to accomplish.

We need to start by complaining that the liberals have screwed us, and for generations upon generations. This gets the guilt factor going, greasing the wheels for their eventual capitulation.

Then we need to make them think that we are nuts, that perhaps we look to some religious book for inspiration. The nuttier we can make them think we are, the more we can get from them, they'll be too scared to deny us anything.

Then we need to sacrifice a few of our own for being insufficiently devoted to the cause. And we need to do so publicly, perhaps we can select one of the dozen or so supposed conservatives running for President. By turning on our own, it makes them even more fearful of what we'll do to them if we don't get our way.

Now.... having set the stage, it is time to issue our demands. We need to start with something outrageous, something completely off the charts. Not only does doing this solidify their view of us as completely off our rockers, it makes it that much easier for them to rationalize giving in to us on some of our (supposed) lesser demands.

We then establish a group that will claim the mantle of 'moderate' conservatism. This group, while claiming that they're unable to control the more crazy elements of the conservative movement, will nonetheless let it be known that 'gestures' on the part of the liberals, such as doing away with calls for tax hikes, or a real cut in government spending, might go a long way in helping the so-called moderates gain more power within the movement which in turn would help keep the crazies at bay.

I see this as a wonderful opportunity. The liberals aren't calling the Tea Party 'terrorists' because they like the Tea Party, they're doing so because the Tea Party scares them. And being spineless (as demonstrated time and time and time again), liberals don't stand up to and fight back against those who scare them, they surrender.

It's almost as if they're French...