Monday, August 29, 2011

And they (California) wonder why we laugh at them...

With all of their problems, one of the nuts (specifically, Alan Lowenthal, a Democratic state senator) wants to make it even more expensive for California based businesses to conduct business by banning their use of foam containers.

Lowenthal might be right that they're ugly and last for thousands of years. But when California is one of the worst places to conduct business and when the state unemployment is above the already too-high national average, and when what California needs a whole lot of are taxes derived from business profits, why would anyone want to do anything right now that makes it even harder and more expensive for local businesses to make a profit?

I'm all for idealistic legislators... but I want mine to be grounded in reality. I want them to understand the economic consequences of what they do.

This guy doesn't. And California will continue to suffer... and be laughed at.