Monday, August 15, 2011

After hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives and limbs, it is nice to see how these days Iraq is a place where one can walk the street without fear of a car bomb blowing them to bits.

What, that isn't the case, people are still getting killed, and by the dozens at a time?

So what exactly did America get for our money.... and our lives?

Oh, that's right, Obama.

Had it not been for Bush's not-so-excellent adventure in Iraq, Obama never would have been elected.


Yes. Had Bush not screwed things up so bad in Iraq, the GOP never would have nominated the likes of McCain, who got the nomination by virtue of his claiming to be the most un-Bush of the group.

And had McCain not gotten the nomination, the GOP would have nominated someone who would have trounced the heck out of Obama.

Thanks, Bush. And thanks to the thousands of conservatives who thought it was more important to back Bush than to object to his ridiculous - and utterly unattainable - goal of turning Iraq into a peaceful place that would inspire peace and understanding around the world and an end to all that ails us.

It's almost like a bad t-shirt: 'My country spent a fortune on Iraq.... and all we got was Obama'.