Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a surprise it was, reading that Iraq is deadlier now than it was a year ago..... NOT!

As I predicted*, a HUGE part of the reason Iraq was as quiet as it was back then was because the crazies were just waiting us out... and as soon as we left, they'd get back to killing each other, the way they've been doing for hundreds of years.

And this seems to be exactly what is happening. Our presence didn't cause the crazies to love one another, it didn't result in any change in attitude. All our troops did was give the crazies a real good reason to stay quiet.... Why go out and stir up trouble if doing so would bring down the wrath of the US military? And especially when you knew - because Obama so helpfully and repeatedly told you - that we were leaving in the not too distant future?

By the way, this is why I disagree* with those who say the Taliban is becoming more aggressive in light of Obama's determination to bring troops home. We are already committed to leaving, their attacks aren't accelerating their departure. If anything, Taliban attacks give ammunition to those who argue against leaving.

So to all those who claim that 'we' (or 'Bush', as the case may be) won the Iraq war, I say 'pfffft'. We didn't win the war in the way you're defining winning. We may have killed a bunch of crazies. We certainly got rid of Hussein and his sadistic sons. And we did determine that Iraq does not have WMDs. All of these are good, and I wish we had simply accomplished them and left Iraq to the Iraqis to sort out. But we did not turn Iraq into some beacon of democracy and freedom and hope that would inspire the world the way Bush and his fellow delusionists argued would be the case.

* as always, you can take my word for it or search my archives yourself as I am too lazy to find and post the link.