Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rubio gives a nice speech, but although he comes close, he doesn't connect the dots between raising the debt limit, the issue that is consuming Washington, and jobs, the issue that is most important to everybody else.

The debt, and the deficit, are two of the reasons that there are no jobs. Who in their right mind would increase hiring when it looks like Washington is going off the rails? And of the people who have money to spend, who in their right mind is going to increase their spending when two of the three branches of government are controlled by people whose goal in life is to take as much money out our pockets as possible?

And they're not going to start hiring and spending until this issue gets resolved... and not by adding two and a half trillion dollars of additional debt and make believe cuts in spending... but by approving as little additional debt as possible and by making serious and significant and real cuts in government spending.

Only by showing the rest of the country that it has its act together can Washington signal businesses and consumers that we don't have to worry about running out of people to buy our debt... that we don't have to worry about government raising taxes... that we don't have to worry about Washington bureaucrats raising the cost of doing business to the point where we can't make a profit.

I know Rubio has only been in the Senate for seven months... but that shouldn't have been long enough for him to lose sight of how the rest of America takes its cues from Washington. When we have a President who is as bad as Obama is, and we have a Congress that is largely controlled by big-spending, big-taxing liberals, then we aren't going to be particularly optimistic and enthusiastic about hiring and expanding and spending. We're going to be worried... so (as we've done) we're going to hoard our cash and wait for the whole house of cards to collapse.

I have long felt that the reason the Republicans are losing the PR battle is not because the public disagrees with our principles, but rather because the GOP has been so darn awful at connecting the dots between what we want to do and how that will make things better for those who live outside the Beltway.

So the next time you speak, Senator, please spell it out for people. If they want continued high unemployment and high gas and food prices and low home values, then they should back Obama, because Obama, for some inexplicable reason, wants to keep doing the kinds of things that have directly led to such misery today. But if the public wants to get things moving in a positive direction, then they can't support those who stand for business as usual, they need to back those who want to fix Washington.... not for Washington's sake, but for our sakes.