Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John Boehner goes on television and declares we need to 'stop spending so much money' (something along those lines).

Yet, his plan provides for increases in spending every year, both in entitlements and in discretionary spending.

I am profoundly puzzled why someone on the GOP doesn't simply call for freezing spending - on everything - at current levels. One, it cuts the deficit a whole lot more and faster than any other proposal out there. Second, and no less important, it is a very easy thing to explain to the public and get buy in for. Cuts are cuts... and not merely decreases in the amount of additional spending.

And even if the GOP doesn't push on this front, I think they ought to use whatever leverage they have to enshrine into legislation an end to the Washington fiction that reducing the amount of growth is a cut.

We would be in far better shape today had the GOP forced this through years ago. It is far harder to justify actual increases in spending than to argue for simply 'maintaining' spending. And it is far easier to demagogue 'cuts' than 'not high enough' increases in spending.

An increase takes place when you spend more this year than you did last year. And it isn't a cut unless you spend less this year than you did last year.