Saturday, July 30, 2011

It doesn't matter how enthusiastic your marketers are, if your product s**ks and customers know your product s**ks, then it is a giant waste of effort trying to convince the people who know your product s**ks that they ought to buy it...

And that, rather than a lack of using his 'bully pulpit', as Robert Reich argues, is the reason that Obama can't get any traction for whatever it is that is his plan for raising the deficit... and why his ratings are about as bad as for any President in recent history.

Some marketers do have an ability to convince some people to buy a bad product... but only if those people are unexposed to the awfulness of the product. And that is what happened in 2008, Obama (with the help of a woefully non-curious media) was able to sell a sufficient percentage of voters that he was 'what we have been waiting for', that he would make everything right here at home and in the world at large.

But once the public experiences for themselves how the product doesn't live up to the hype, they slam the door to even a small possibility of their ever buying that product again... and even if the marketers try to convince them that the product has been improved upon, that the defects have been fixed. This is because it isn't that the product s**ks that bothers them the most, it is that feel used and taken advantage of by the huckster who played to their emotions in convincing them to spend their money and hopes on something that was just so god awful. And once the public feels burned, they want to have nothing to do with that product ever, ever, ever again.

Even more sad than watching people with a serious case of buyer's remorse is the marketer who simply can't admit that the product he is selling isn't any good. I pity the marketers who are still trying to convince people that MySpace is better than Facebook. Likewise with the guys who are tasked with selling the American public that union built cars are as good as their non-union built competition. And the (thankfully few) people who continue to push the idea that Bush II was a great President.

And.... Reich is another one, still trying to convince people that liberal economics isn't a sure fire way of bankrupting the country, of driving producers offshore or into early retirement. He remains convinced that if only these stupid and evil Republicans would get out of the way and stop obstructing the great liberals, that everything would be just hunky-dory with the economy. And it has to really eat at him that not only do the American people not agree with him, we laugh and ridicule him (as well as the others like him) who are so stuck on stupid that they can't see that the guy they worked so hard to elect just two and a half years ago is so incompetent.

If they could, they'd understand that it's not the message that needs reworking, it is the product they're trying to sell.