Thursday, July 14, 2011

From a conservative's perspective, dealing with the debt limit isn't that big a problem... it involves the concept of proximate cause.

In layman's terms, and in this case, proximate cause involves looking at who is the one who had the most recent opportunity to keep the problem from taking place. In other words, the last one to say no is the one who gets blamed.

To execute this strategy, the GOP needs to put Obama and the Democrats in the position of being the ones who are saying 'no'. And to do this, the GOP simply needs to pass in the House and submit an identical bill in the Senate that provides for both an increase in the debt limit and cuts in federal spending.

If they do so, one of two things will happen. Either the Senate Democrats will kill the bill, or failing that, Obama will refuse to sign it.

In either case, the GOP is able to point the finger at Obama and the Democrats for being the proximate cause of the default. Had they not said no, the crisis would be averted. But since they're the ones who said no, the problem and the consequences are theirs.