Thursday, May 12, 2011

Value isn't determined by the number of hours worked, but rather by what one does in those hours...

It's a shame that this web photographer works all that time for roughly $50 a day.

But that is apparently all his pictures are worth. If they were worth more, someone would be paying him more. If not his current employer, someone else. But as no one else is paying him more, the only - yes, the only - conclusion to draw is that $50 a day is all that his work is worth to someone else.

The guy's real complaint is that others don't value his work as highly as he does. He wants someone else to ooh and aah over his work. But they don't.

It isn't his employer's fault that his work is only worth $50 a day. And thus it isn't his employer's obligation to pay him any more than that.

The guy picked a career in which people just don't make a lot of money. He may not have known that at the time he was getting started, and it may not have been the case at the time, but that, as the expression goes, is tough cookies. People have to live with the consequences of their decisions in life.

And if he doesn't like taking pictures for only $50 a day, he can do one of a couple things:

One, he can start taking pictures of things that others would pay more than $50 a day. Instead of taking pictures of DC neighborhoods, perhaps he can start taking pictures of celebrities gone wild. Maybe that's beneath him, but if it is, that is his choice and he can live with the results.

Or two, he can go do something else with his life. He can pour coffee at Starbucks and make more than $50 a day.

His life, his choices. He can do what he wants. But he has to live with the consequences... and not try to make someone else pay more for something that just isn't worth as much as he'd like to get.