Monday, April 25, 2011

Two law firms. Two unpopular clients. Two different reaction.

One major law firm just dropped a client because some people don't think highly of the client. A second law firm continues to defend their representation of a client notwithstanding that a lot of people aren't too happy with the then-client...

The former? King and Spalding, announcing they won't defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

The latter? Carolyn Lamm, a partner at White and Case, who helped Libya minimize the money it had to pay to settle claims related to Libya's orchestration of the Pan Am 103 bombing. And note that these were claims brought against Libya by Americans... Lamm is happy that her efforts on behalf of a terrorist regime helped deny Americans the full amount of their claimed damages.

It's definitely an odd day when representing Muammar Qaddafi against one's fellow Americans is seen as less of a problem than representing the idea that marriage should be comprised of one man and one woman.

It almost makes me wish my firm was a huge client of these firms... how nice it would be drop them.