Friday, March 04, 2011

So now Sarah Palin comes out and says she really doesn't disagree with the Supreme Court decision, but was simply trying to point out the double standard that, according to her, keeps people from praying before football games or saying 'God Bless You' during graduation speeches.

First of all, if that is what she was trying to say, how hard would it have been to say it at the beginning? Why post in such a way that doesn't make the point? And it isn't as if she can realistically say that she assumed that everybody would understand her point... for the simple reason that I read of no one jumping to her defense to claim that that was the point she was making. If her point was obvious, obviously someone would have said something, right?

Furthermore, she doesn't impress me with her clarification. Doesn't she know - or accept - that there is huge difference between someone speaking their mind on a public sidewalk and someone speaking at an activity (the school activities she references in her examples) that has government involvement written all over it? Someone speaking at a school activity does not - and should not - have the same freedom to say what they could say in their own home... or on a public sidewalk.

As I ask often of the Democrats when they do something that I just can't follow... does Sarah Palin not know the difference? Or does she but is playing to the ignorance of her fan base?