Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sally Jenkins gets all whiny, arguing that public financing of NFL stadiums obligates the NFL to play this year.

Well... unfortunately, the public wasn't smart enough to insist on those terms when it doled out the money. Nor were ticket holders smart enough to insist on those terms when they paid upfront for seat licenses and tickets for the 2011 season.

I won't argue with Jenkins' assertions that the owners grabbed as much as they could and gave up as little as they had to. But that is what owners do. In fact, that is what pretty much what anyone dealing with the government does.

It is up to our elected representatives to look out for our interests. Unfortunately, they don't. They didn't do so when doling out huge compensation packages to government workers. They didn't do so when dealing with owners of sports teams.

Jenkins shouldn't get p***ed at the owners, she should be angry at herself... and everybody else who voted for a politician who was more interested in getting to sit in the owners box than in truly representing the public interest.