Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maybe someone can explain the thinking of online advertisers who come up with ads such as this that are injected before you get to see the page you've clicked on. (if the ad doesn't display when you click, it is simply a pop-up ad that comes up for some number of seconds before moving on to the page you want to see)

Do they think we're so easily distracted that we'll forget about getting to where we wanted to go and instead move to sign up for whatever it is that they're selling? Or does everybody pretty much do as I do, which is click on the 'close' button just as soon as we can find it?

In order to be worthwhile, marketing has to follow a few simple rules, one of which is not ask the audience to do something that runs counter to their natural inclination. Good marketing triggers the viewer to do something the viewer already wants to do, even in the case where the viewer isn't quite aware of their desire. And asking a viewer to delay going to a web page whose link they clicked on but a second earlier isn't going to work.... even given the extremely low response rates associated with online marketing.