Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The continuing saga of 'If only the GOP had a clue...'

They wouldn't be talking about Libya but rather devoting all of their energy and the airtime they could get to set the stage for the upcoming battle over government spending... and in particular, doing their best to portray the Democrats as the ones who should get blamed if the government shuts down as a result of the Democrats refusal to make more than token cuts in government spending.

As much as the bleating blogosphere might think or hope otherwise, unless and until lots of Americans are losing their lives over there, Libya is just not that big an issue to most Americans, and certainly not among the mushy middle whose votes and support the GOP needs. (note: and the public cares even less about the particulars of how Obama is going about dealing with Libya, for example, whether it is a NATA or US led operation, or whether getting rid of Gaddafi is an explicit goal of the operations, so the Republicans who are arguing that Obama hasn't said this or explained that are revealing themselves to be even more tone dead).

On the other hand, the economy is HUGE to just about everybody (setting aside those on the radical right who think that everything takes a back seat to getting to say prayers at school meetings).

And government spending plays a HUGE part in how well the economy does. The GOP needs to be out right now pushing the point that the economy is not going to get better until government spending starts to come down, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the overall economy.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

This means that the GOP needs to be telling people that their house prices aren't going to go back up... until government spending is cut, and significantly so. They need to tell people that the unemployment rate isn't going to improve... until government spending is cut, and significantly so. They need to tell people that the prices for gas and food aren't going to go back down... until government spending is cut, and significantly so.

The GOP needs to paint the Democrats as being willing - even eager - to keep the economy in the doldrums in order to protect their cherished spending.

And that isn't what the GOP is doing. They're spending their time talking about an issue really nobody cares about. Typical.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are making sure their talking points are pushed to the media.