Thursday, March 03, 2011

As further evidence that conservatives as well as liberals want the umpires on the Supreme Court to interpret the rule book (i.e., the Constitution) the way these conservatives want, I refer to the unhappy conservatives (Sarah Palin, etc.) who are unhappy with yesterday's Supreme Court decision addressing demonstrations at military funerals. It doesn't matter that there is nothing in the text of the Constitution that allows punitive action to be taken against the protesters, to Palin et al, all that matters is that their sympathies lie with the father and thus, anything (or close to it) that makes him upset is something the state can legitimately take action against (in this case, allowing the civil system to impose damages on the protesters).

Furthermore, you might think that where eight of the nine Justices agree on a case that those opposed to the decision are defining themselves as out of the mainstream. Between the conservative Scalia and the liberal Breyer, that's a pretty big slice of the ideological spectrum... and yet Sarah Palin decides that they're the ones who are wrong?