Tuesday, February 15, 2011

While I am happy the GOP is looking to cut government spending, they're going about it the wrong way...

I'm not referring to the amounts or programs they're looking to cut, but rather the rationale they're using to justify the cuts.

They're painting a doomsday scenario of having too much government spending, deficits and debt... all of which are true, but the negative consequences they're citing are all off in the future. At some point, people will stop buying government debt.. but that isn't happening today. At some point, the economy could end up grinding to a halt... but that isn't happening today.

And, given that we know the American people don't like dealing with problems until we absolutely positively have to, any approach that highlights problems that aren't happening today is an approach that is going to get ignored by a good chunk of the American people.

And that will let Obama paint himself as the moderate one, compared to the gloom and doom Republicans who are running around screaming 'the sky is going to fall, the sky is going to fall'.

While the sky is going to fall if things don't change, the GOP needs to redo its talking points, they need to start screaming 'the sky IS falling, the sky IS falling'. They need to connect the dots between the incredibly high levels of government spending and debt to the economic problems we're having today. They need to argue that Obama's spending and other economic policies are the principle driver of the high unemployment... of the continued doldrums in the housing market... of the higher prices for food and gas... and so on.

The GOP needs to argue that it isn't just that Obama is going to cost us sometime in the future, Obama is hurting American today, that the economy would be in far better shape if he wasn't running a trillion dollar deficit... if he wasn't continuing to underwrite losses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac... if he wasn't continuing to restrict oil and gas production... if he wasn't continuing to defend Obamacare.

There's a reason American workers aren't getting raises... and are paying more at the gas pump... and paying more for health insurance... and aren't seeing a rise in the value of their home... and it isn't evil corporations that are responsible, but rather Obama himself.