Friday, January 28, 2011

Maybe someone who is smarter than me can explain the logic in this...

The State Department is calling on Egyptian government "to immediately address the legitimate grievances of protesters surging through the streets" and suggesting the the US might withhold some of the $1.5 billion of foreign aid Egypt receives from us.

Does the State Department not realize that dictators value retaining power over anything else, which includes addressing their subject's 'legitimate grievances'? And that dictators will do just about anything to retain power, including shooting as many protesters as is necessary to retain control? And that dictators know that losing power will absolutely cost them whatever foreign aid their country receives?

So does the State Department think that Mubarak will step down rather than jeopardize the foreign aid? Do they think that Mubarak is only interested in staying in power if he can do so without cracking a few thousand heads?

So what's the point? Other than hearing themselves talk, that is?