Monday, November 15, 2010

Washington Post house liberal EJ Dionne calls for the lame duck Congress to pass yet another round of campaign finance law, repeal DADT, give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, extend unemployment benefits yet again and suck billions of dollars out of the economy by raising taxes on some of the most productive workers and businesses.

What wonderful advice... from someone who obviously doesn't care a whit about giving the American people what they say they want... namely, programs to get the economy going again.

In the immediate aftermath of an election in which Democrats were pummeled for the poor economy, only a complete fool - which Dionne certainly qualifies as - would argue for pushing an agenda such as Dionne's. Where are the steps to unfreeze the labor market? To encourage employers to start hiring? To let people know it is okay to start spending again?

Not a single one of Dionne's recommendations is likely to give the public a nice warm feeling that the economy is starting to get back on track... which is why the Democrats would be foolish to pursue such steps... and why I hope they do. EJ Dionne is the liberal gift that keeps giving... to Republicans.