Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Obama continues to peddle the line that the sluggish economy recovery diminished what would otherwise have been voter appreciation for what Obama has done.

He just doesn't understand and/or won't admit that the sluggish recovery is a direct result of his policies. It is because - and not despite - of what he has done that businesses are not hiring and consumers are not spending. Had he not pushed through a trillion dollar stimulus and a trillion dollar takeover of health care and not hammered businesses in just about every other speech and not done his best to raise taxes on as many people as he could... well, then, the economy would have been much further along the path to recovery.

And this is why the GOP can't - and shouldn't - compromise with him. His policies have been terrible for the country... and compromising with him is somewhat akin to agreeing with someone who's been punching you that he won't hit you as many times.. when the solution is to not let him hit you at all.

If raising taxes is not a good idea, then it isn't okay to just not raise them as much as Obama wants. If passing lots of new job-killing regulations and mandates isn't a good idea, then it isn't okay to just not pass as many.