Thursday, November 04, 2010

If the patient doesn't believe the treatment is going to work, the treatment isn't going to work.

That holds true in medicine... and it holds true in economics. If the public doesn't buy into a particular course of action, the economy isn't going to get any better. And the public didn't believe Obama was taking the right steps to make things better.

And why did they feel this way? Well, in part, because as Obama himself put it, he didn't do a particularly good job of convincing the public that he was on the right track.

But the bigger reason is because the people recognized that what Obama and the Democrats were doing were in fact destructive. The public didn't see leaders taking steps to improve confidence... the public saw Obama and Pelosi and Reid doing the exact opposite, making people more fearful.

Obama could have taken a month of Sundays and never convinced people that bailouts and Obamacare and raising taxes and crucifying businesses was the medicine the economy needed to get better.

Let's give the public some credit for recognizing the turkey for what it was. Who in their right mind would have thought that any of that was going to motivate businesses to start hiring people? Or get people to start spending more money? The answer? No one.

Yes, Obama and his fellow Democrats did a lousy job of selling their programs... but they also had a lousy product. And that is the biggest reason why the economy didn't get better... and why the voters took out their frustration on the Democrats on Tuesday.