Tuesday, October 05, 2010

With one month to go before the elections, here is my wish list (in order)...

* GOP takes control of the House (more important than the Senate, due to the filibuster which diminishes power for majority party having less than 60 Senators)

* Boxer loses (what a sad excuse for a Senator)

* Grayson loses (what a sad excuse, period)

* Harry Reid loses (although if the GOP took control of the Senate, I think it would be okay if Reid won and was unceremoniously dumped by the remaining Democrats)

* Cuomo loses (as a rule, I think most State Attorney Generals misuse their power and shouldn't be rewarded with a Senate seat)

* Blumenthal loses (for the same reason, plus his having lied about serving in Vietnam)

* Feingold loses (always good to knock out one of the most liberal officeholders)

* Pelosi wins (and has to watch her caucus relegate her to the back)

* The media actually portraying the election results as a repudiation of Democratic policy and not merely a case of bad candidates, bad messaging and/or shameful tactics on the part of the GOP.

* Obama acknowledging that the country doesn't want what he is trying to do.

Note the above - and especially the last two - are NOT predictions, they are merely the things I would like to see happen. A guy can dream, right?