Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen dredges up the 40 year old incident at Kent State in his latest attempt to portray the right as dangerous but, and probably unintentionally, does so in a way that shows it is the left who is behaving in much the same way now that Richard Nixon did forty years ago.

The four students shot at Kent State were exercising their rights to protest against the Vietnam War. While some isolated protests did involve violence (primarily destruction of property, including some at Kent State in the days preceding the shooting), the protests were mostly peaceful. It was the political establishment's way-over-the-top reaction to these protests and their incessant demonizing of the protesters that (in my view) led to the Ohio National Guardsmen shooting into a crowd of students, killing four and wounding more (some of whom weren't involved in the protests at all and were merely and unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time).

Today, it is the right which is exercising their right to protest against what they view as a government run amok... and they're doing so peacefully. They've burned far fewer ROTC centers, broken far fewer windows, tried to blow up far fewer Army bases and used far less vulgar language to describe the people they're mad at than the anti-war protesters who Cohen still feels such affection for did forty years ago. The Tea Party is the poster child for how to conduct peaceful protests.

It is the left that today is doing everything it can to demonize these protesters by accusing them of being racists and trying to portray the protesters as being unstable and apt to explode into violence at any time. The left today - including Cohen - is employing the same thuggish tactics as Richard Nixon did forty years ago.

As I wrote, I am pretty sure the symbolism is lost on Cohen, no fan of Richard Nixon. I, on the other hand, got quite a chuckle. Thanks, Richard.