Wednesday, October 06, 2010

There is a common thread between the funeral protest case currently before the Supreme Court, the story of the guy whose house burned down because he hadn't signed up for fire coverage from the semi-local fire department as well as in much of the argument over aspects of Obamacare.

All three represent aspects of what I refer to as 'I don't want you imposing your values on me, thus it isn't right for me to try and impose my values on you'.

Working in reverse, I don't want society telling me how I take care of my and my family's medical care... so I don't think it right for society to mandate either that people buy coverage or the specific aspects of insurance that people buy.

Nor do I want society to tell me that I was too stupid to make my own decisions on how to take care of my property... so I don't think it right for society to force homeowners such as this to buy fire coverage. And just as I am willing to bear the consequences of my own decisions, so too should this homeowner bear the consequences of what turned out be his penny-wise dollar-foolish decision to not pre-pay for firefighting coverage.

And just as I don't want society telling me what I can say or where I can say it, I don't think it right for society to tell others what they can say and where they can say it. As demented as they are, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church should be able to make their protests.... just as others ought to be able to drown out their message.