Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'm not planning on burning any Korans myself but Petraeus' claim that doing so will incite the crazies misses one important point: not burning Korans will not lead to the crazies no longer being crazy. If it isn't burning Korans that gets them all hot and bothered, it will simply be something else that we do.

In addition to being motivated by crazy religious practices, they have a huge chip on their shoulder, feeling they have been on the receiving end of hundreds and hundreds of years of insults and slights and so on. And as such, they are incredibly sensitive to what they perceive to be the slightest offense against them and their religion. It doesn't take much to tick off a crazy and they prove this over and over again.

Why else would there be worldwide riots in response to some no-name cartoonist drawing some not-so-flattering pictures of their prophet? Or threats to kill a novelist because his book had some parts in it they didn't like? Or the fears that they'll go ballistic because some nobody preacher in nowhereville burns a few books?

As Rosanne Roseannadanna put it so well, 'if it's not one thing, it's another'.