Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And while I'm at it (yes, I know, earlier-written posts appear below this one so it looks out of sequence), I think GOP Senator Jim DeMint is either stupid or selfish... perhaps a touch of both.

Huh? I'm referring to his comment that (in effect) he would rather have 40 solid conservatives in the Senate than 60 squishy Republican Senators.

Yeah, it sounds good as a soundbite, but upon further reflection, it is a terrible idea.

As for why he would be stupid for believing this?

He doesn't realize that at the very least, a GOP majority would keep Obama from advancing what remains of his agenda through Congress?

He doesn't realize that neither Obamacare nor the trillion dollar stimulus would have passed if the GOP controlled the Senate?

He doesn't know that a GOP majority would give Republicans the ability to investigate and publicize such issues as Eric Holder's refusal to enforce all of the civil rights laws?

He doesn't know that a GOP Senate majority could up hold some of Obama's more liberal judicial nominations, whereas the GOP remaining in the minority has next to no ability to do anything of the sort?

He really thinks there are enough states that would elect 60 solidly conservative Senators?

As for why he is selfish?

He knows all the above but is willing to sacrifice what good could come from a GOP majority - even a majority made possible by a number of RINOs - in order to inflate his own importance and power among the rabid right?

DeMint is certainly a solid conservative. But that doesn't mean he is smart... or above reproach. He's wrong on this... and whether it is due to his stupidity or his power grab, I fear we're going to pay the price.