Monday, August 09, 2010

Not that they listen to me, but the GOP has a ready-made and soundbite friendly response to Obama's framing the upcoming elections as a choice "on whether to return to policies that brought the recession or continue with policies that are "getting us out of this mess".

Sorry, Mr President, but the reason the economy is a mess right now* is because neither businesses nor consumers have confidence in what you have done... and they have no confidence in what you are (still) trying to do. If they did, the economy would be in a whole lot better shape.

How people feel about the future is far more critical than how they view the past. No matter what has happened in the past, if people are optimistic about the future, they'll spend and hire and invest. And if they're not optimistic, they're not going to hire and spend and invest.

And the public doesn't think much of the Democrats' stimulus (neither version 1.0 or the proposed followup), they don't think much of Obama's alleged plan to forgive billions of dollars in mortgage debt, they don't think much of Obamacare or the financial reform law. They don't like what they (legitimately) see as an anti-business attitude. They don't like the Democrats' plans to raise taxes on millions upon millions of taxpayers (and they're not mollified by the attempt to spin it as either 'fairness' or as 'deficit reduction').

* the GOP can substitute specifics, such as high unemployment, lousy consumer confidence, flat housing values, etc., etc. for the generic 'bad economy'.