Monday, July 19, 2010

Not that they'll listen... but the GOP needs to get its act together to better respond to Obama.

With voters deciding they don't like what Obama and the Democrats are doing, we can expect to see Obama attempt to persuade voters that the GOP is worse... and to do so by whatever means necessary. This can include making things up, twisting words, etc., etc.

For example, Obama challenged the GOP to stop playing politics and to support extending unemployment benefits. And taken in isolation, Obama makes a good case. But under closer examination, Obama's arguments are shown as thin.

The GOP in Congress needs to designate someone (one from each chamber) to respond to Obama on a given issue. Pick XX and YY to respond to Obama on this issue, pick a couple of others to respond on immigration and so on.

The people they pick need to be coherent and conversant on the issue they are tasked with defending the GOP position. They need to be quick on their feet in order to avoid saying something that can be taken out of context. They need to emphasize the reasons for opposition in terms that resonate with the public at large (and not just the radical right).

And everybody else in the GOP needs to STFU on the issue (this includes you Michael Steele). This keeps the clumsy and the ideologues from saying something that can - and will be - easily twisted to make the GOP look bad. Given the media bias, the GOP can't afford to botch the message by having someone run off at the mouth.