Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been a while....

On the BP mess: what bothers me most is not that the federal government didn't prevent the spill from happening but rather that they were so utterly unprepared for dealing with it; like a Category 5 hurricane (i.e., Katrina), such a spill was unlikely but not impossible and Obama and all of the tens of thousands of government workers simply had nothing in place to deal with the issue. The time to start dealing with a crisis is before the crisis takes place, that is when the planning gets done to be implemented if and when something happens. Airports practice plane crashes, hospitals practice situations involving mass casualty, the military plans and practices for all sorts of situations, yet the regulators who oversee off-shore drilling seem to have had nothing prepared for this mess.

On Israel, the flotilla and associated matters: it continues to amaze me that Obama thinks blaming Israel will improve matters one iota. I guess it hasn't occurred to him that if he blamed the Palestinians they actually might start taking steps towards peace. As it is, they know that they can provoke Israel, Obama will jump on Israel (irrespective of the facts of the particular incident) and the Palestinians get that much closer to their goal.

On Iran: given Obama's cluelessness on Israel, it doesn't surprise me that he continues to waste time pursuing sanctions against Iran that will prove to be worthless. I said years ago that there were no sanctions that exist that would force Iran to give up their nukes and even if there were, countries such as Russia and China would never agree to impose them... and I think I have been proven right.

On Iran, part two: rumors that Saudi Arabia has given Israel approval to use its airspace to attack Iran has probably done more to unnerve Iran than anything Obama has done or will do. To the extent Iran was discounting an Israeli attack because they figured Israel couldn't pull off an attack while having to avoid 'unfriendly' airspace, the reports that Saudi airspace might not be so unfriendly has to shake the Iran regime's confidence just a bit.

On Obama's record in office: can anyone, those who voted for him or those who didn't, point to a single thing Obama has done in office to improve consumer and business confidence? And does anyone care to argue with my assertion that any improvement in confidence is taking place in spite of Obama and not because of him?

Why aren't the Republicans in Congress continuing their attack on Obama's agenda? The financial regulation bill will add billions of dollars of costs to the federal budget and do absolutely nothing to prevent another financial crisis. Obama's plan for yet another stimulus will simply be a repeat of his earlier efforts.... lots of spending and nothing that makes people more confident about the future. And Fannie and Freddie ought to be sitting ducks, yet the Republicans are doing next to nothing to keep those two money-losing behemoths in the public eye as evidence of the Democrats refusal to truly cut wasteful spending.

Does anyone really think that GM and Chrysler are back on the road to financial health? Sure, they've lowered their need for capital (by screwing creditors and reducing the need for R&D dollars by shrinking their product line) but they're not making money selling cars. They still spend too much money, they still have too many employees, they still have too many dealers.