Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What a load of s**t, George Huguely, the UVA lacrosse player accused of murdering Yeardley Love, reportedly said that he "kicked in her bedroom door, shook her, and her head repeatedly hit the wall" (italics mine).

Heads just don't happen to hit the wall... not once and certainly not repeatedly. Heads hit walls when someone hits said head against the wall... or when someone throws another person against the wall in such a way that their head hits the wall.

He hit her head against the wall... repeatedly. It wasn't enough for him to hit/shake/smack her head against against the wall just once, he did so multiple times.

And what a load of s**t coming from the guy's attorney, who said (her) "death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome". This was no accident. An accident is when the underlying incident takes place without someone wishing for it to take place. This wasn't a case of the guy wildly gesturing and accidentally hitting the girl. The guy intended to hurt her and in a way that reasonably could be anticipated to cause her death... that may not be the legal definition of premeditated murder but it fits my definition.