Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the category of 'Do they really believe this s**t?"...

Hillary Clinton today announced that China and Russia have agreed to impose 'tough' new sanctions on Iran.

According to the article, "Details were not immediately released, but the sanctions are expected to broaden economic penalties on Iranian officials and institutions".

And she thinks this will do what?

The purpose of sanctions isn't simply to impose a price to be paid by the offending party for engaging in undesired conduct.

No, the goal of imposing sanctions is to make things so bad that the offending party decides it is in their best interests to concede and stop doing whatever it is that bothering the sanctioning party than to continue suffering the effects of the sanctions.

In other words, for sanctions to work, the negatives imposed have to be greater than the positives flowing from the offending behavior.

Given how important the nuke program is to the Mad Mullahs, it would take some pretty harsh sanctions to produce the desired behavioral change on their part.

So does she think these sanctions are going to be so tough that the targeted "Iranian officials and institutions' are going to pressure the Mad Mullahs to give up their nuke program? And even if they did petition the Mad Mullahs, does she think the Mad Mullahs are going to agree to give up their nuke program?

No, ain't going to happen. The only question is whether she knows this and is playing dumb.... or whether she really is dumb enough to believe that these sanctions are going to make a bit of difference.