Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A number of Obama's critics have likened him to 'Chance the Gardener' from the Peter Sellers movie, Being There... in which a 'special' gardener wows the Washington elite with what they think are deep and insightful pronouncements... when in fact he was simply talking about his garden.

But there's a big difference... Chance didn't think he was anything special, he didn't take his words as anything more than what they were, the simple musings of a simple guy who liked to garden.

Obama, on the other hand, does believe that he is special, that he has an ability to do what mere mortals have never been able to accomplish.

Make the Palestinians and Israelis live together in peace? No problem, Obama knows best, he'll simply dictate the terms. Persuade China and Russia to go against what they deem to be their national interests by backing us against Iran? No problem, Obama can do that. Using diplomacy to persuade a rogue nation to give up what it believes to be in its national interest, in this case Iran pursuing nuclear weapons? No problem, Obama can succeed where no one ever has been able to.

And I don't know who to be more amazed by - and disappointed in... Obama, for his arrogance... or the public (at least the 47% or so who still think he is doing a good job).