Monday, April 26, 2010

Instapundit's never been a fan of red-light cameras and thus he can be counted on to pass along claims that these cameras are a bad idea...

... but, seriously, knocking red-light cameras because they help insurance companies jack up rates for drivers who get tickets for driving through red-lights?

Where's the problem? Are insurance companies supposed to charge people who drive through red lights the same rates they charge those of us who don't? Or are insurance companies supposed to ignore data that indicates which drivers are more likely to cause an accident?

I would have thought that he would welcome the use of technology that allows insurance companies to better establish risk pools... I know I like not having to help subsidize the lower-than-otherwise would be the case insurance premiums for higher-risk drivers.

And, preemptively anticipating his possible response, if he doesn't like that the cameras only capture the license plate and don't show the driver, remember that auto insurance covers the car... and whether you're driving or loaning to someone else, a car that goes through red lights is a car that is probably more likely to get into an accident than a car that doesn't go through red lights... so there's nothing wrong with charging the 'car' more for insurance than a car that behaves itself.