Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I once blasted Bill Clinton for what I referred to as his 'because I can' attitude to wringing as much out of his position as he could. He held up air traffic at LAX to get a haircut... 'because he could'. He screwed around with Monica Lewinsky... 'because he could'. He set his wife up as a Senator... 'because he could'.

And now I'll blast Sarah Palin for doing the same thing... using her position to wring as much as she can our of her position... 'because she can'.

Charging $100,000 to go somewhere and speak? Yes, there are groups that are willing to pay that amount but that doesn't mean she needs to take advantage of their stupidity... or give them hope that their 'investment' will reap them rewards down the road.

But somehow she's got the idea that the words that come out of her mouth are of such value that she should be paid six figures for doing what she's been probably doing for free for years around her family dinner table (mouthing off about what she likes and doesn't like). Sorry to rain on the parade of those who think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there's nothing she has to say that is worth that kind of money.... and it's a sign that she's forgotten where she's come from that she has no problem taking the money being thrown her way (in my world, getting offered that kind of money to do something usually evokes a response of 'what's the catch').

And to demand first class air travel if she's not provided with a large enough private jet? To insist on bendable straws at the podium? Suites at deluxe hotels? This is behavior associated with a pampered, spoiled diva (i.e., Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston).... and not something that a 'regular American' ought to be doing.

People want you to come to speak to them? Fine, charge them a reasonable fee for your time and hassle. Sit in the back of the plane with the rest of us regular Americans. Bring your own bottle of water and your own bendable straw.

She should remember where she come from. The American dream is to succeed by working hard, by providing good value for the money you get paid.... and not to capitalize on one's notoriety... like the clowns from Jersey Shore. Tell me, what is Sarah Palin doing that is any different from what Snooki is doing?